Overseeing Training Programs

Developing and maintaining employee training programs can be challenging in a quickly evolving business climate. However, it’s importance cannot be understated. Training and development are important because employees are a company’s greatest assets. Not only is it important for their engagement, but it also plays an important part in whether an organization can remain competitive in the market. Employees want to feel valued and ensuring that they have the most up to date skills is one way of doing that. 

An effective training program is structured in such a way that it includes a schedule, timeframe, outline of activities, and assignment of responsibilities. This can be accomplished through a model such as ADDIE which includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This model is an ongoing cycle that occurs continually to produce improved training and results.

HR has several key responsibilities when it comes to overseeing training programs. The first is benchmarking against the competition. Looking at the training platforms and programs offered by others is a start to determine what’s best for the organization. Second, conducting interviews with current employees and managers on what’s important can help determine the types of training programs that might be useful.

Direct feedback from the employees within the organization is one of the best sources of information. Third, training should be aligned with management’s productivity goals. This can include working with  management to determine how success and Key Performing Indicators (KPI) can be measured with the selected training programs.

Once a training platform and programs are selected, HR can oversee the distribution of training to the employees and make sure it is administered properly. It is also important to connect training with employee  erformance reviews. If training cannot be measured, then it is not as
useful to the organization. 

Finally, HR is also responsible for recommending and administering compliance training. These are standard training programs that  organizations must provide to its employees on a periodic basis. 

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