Compliance Review

The Team Smart HR Compliance Review (TSCR) is our signature service that we provide to every client. To set expectations correctly, this is not an official HR Audit which we can also provide but is not included as part of the packages. The TSCR keeps clients who we work with in compliant by a continuous process of:

  1. Review
  2. Recommend
  3. Assess

Our review consists of going over the following topics below. Although we will tailor the review for each client based on the type of organization and particular areas of focus they require:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Discrimination & Harassment
  • Health & Safety
  • Hiring
  • Labor Relations
  • Performance & Discipline
  • Policies
  • Posters & Notices
  • Privacy & Record Keeping
  • Termination
  • Time Off

Afterwards, we will make recommendations to address areas where the client’s organization may not be compliant or have significant risks to stay compliant in the future.

We will then assess the progress of the recommendations before the next compliance review cycle and present this to the client’s management. The cadence for the compliance review cycle can be adjusted based on client needs but is typically at least twice a year.

As a client of Team Smart HR, we look forward to working with your organization to keep ensure your processes and procedures are compliant with the law.