HR Audit

HR Audits are not the same as our Compliance Reviews. HR Audits are one time official audits that involve legal oversight of the process. Our HR Audits are not available in the packages and must be purchased separately.

Regular HR audits can provide the opportunity to improve policies and procedures, as well as avoid potential legal issues. These audits should occur annually or semiannually, and you should prioritize problems that need immediate attention, such as things not covered in the policies and procedures since those are potential areas of exposure.

The goal is to assess whether the practices and processes are legal, adequate, and effective. The results of an HR audit can inform a strategy that can be used to keep the organization compliant and competitive, as well as minimize regulatory violations or lawsuits. This can involve looking at the best practices of competitors. Ultimately, you are aiming to identify issues and fix them before they become unmanageable.

Some examples subject to the audit include insufficient record retention, outdated labor and employment law posters, Form I-9 errors, inaccurate wage or time records, prohibited attendance policies, personnel files that haven’t been properly maintained, and misclassification of exempt job status. 

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