Blossom Hotel Houston Grand Opening

Blossom Hotel Houston opens on February 8, 2022.

The Blossom Hotel Houston celebrated its grand opening on February 9, 2022. The extravagant event was attended by the Mayor of Houston and other notable government and business officials. The Mayer stated that he was extremely excited to see the hotel open its doors, which was the first luxury hotel to do so during the pandemic. Blossom Hotel’s CEO was quoted as saying that he was pleased to partner with the community and provide a gathering place for locals and visitors to the Houston area. 

The 16 story, 267 room hotel features a sophisticated, minimalist design conceived by Asia Rongyi Creative Company. Lunar inspired elements are integrated into the design along with beautiful artwork creating a setting of tranquility and relaxation. With 9,000 feet of event and meeting space, the hotel has something for both travelers and businesses. 

We at Team Smart HR are also excited to see the Blossom Hotel officially open its doors to the general public. It’s been over 6 months since Stephanie and her team have been involved in managing the human resources department for the hotel. We’ve gone through many ups and downs during that time, as is expected for any new business as big and complex as a luxury hotel. However, the end result is a team of people who enjoy working together to create an inviting and enjoyable experience for guests.

We look forward to continue working with Blossom Hotel as they embark on adding two new upscale Asian themed restaurants with Michelin starred chefs in the coming future.

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